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sobota, 18 sierpnia 2012

The Caulfield Cult - Leaving Cemetery Junction

Album: Leaving Cemetery Junction
Artist: The Caulfield Cult

Download: LINK

01 White Pills
02 Withdrawal Symptoms
03 Everyone But Me
04 Sundown
05 Burden
06 Leaving Cemetery Junction
07 The Black Plague
08 Gunther
09 Another Ballad
10 Temporary Homes
11  Im Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

We have to again apologise for looong break in activity. And big "thank you" to people from  The Caulfield Cult for sharing their stuff with us. I have to say thah now we feel obliged to share more stuff : ). You people are creating this blog we are only trying to help. 

Midnight Warsaw greets you  ;)

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