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wtorek, 6 grudnia 2011

Pop Unknown - The August Division

Album: The August Division
Artist: Pop Unknown

Download: LINK

01 another holiday
02 the invisible complex
03 as god and everest
04 hydroplane
05 whatnot
06 b-sides
07 morphine
08 contact
09 the next big thing
10 in spite of 
11 still in monochrome 
12 untitled

Again hard to find. So here it is, thx for guide Mrxlo Crck

Imbroco - Are You My Lionkiller?

Album: Are You My Lionkiller?
Artist: Imbroco

Download: LINK

01 Sixty-Six Thousand Miles an Hour
02 October, November , Ohio
03 You're My Lionkiller
04 The Rain that Falls Won't Slow Me Down
05 Northstar Is an Airplane
06 Calm Your Fears 

Another very underrated band, recomiendo : )