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niedziela, 5 stycznia 2014

Sparta - Threes

Album: Threes
Artist: Sparta

Download: LINK

01 Untreatable Disease
02 Crawl
03 Unstitch Your Mouth
04 Taking Back Control
05 Erase It Again
06 Atlas
07 The Most Vicious Crime
08 False Start
09 Weather The Storm
10 Red.Right.Return. (Straight In Our Hands)
11 Without A Sound
12 Translations

The last one album of Sparta. Honestly the weakest of their albums in my opinion. 

Sparta - Austere [EP]

Album: Austere [EP]
Artist: Sparta

Download: LINK

01 Mye
02 Cataract
03 Vacant Skies
04 Echodyne Harmonic (de-mix)

I know that the same songs u can find on their second album "Wiretap Scars" but from respect u should know about this EP. Anyway, song named "Vacant Skies" is only on this album and it's great song too!

Sparta - Wiretap Scars

Album: Wiretap Scars
Artist: Sparta

Download: LINK

01 Cut Your Ribbon
02 Air
03 Mye
04 Collapse
05 Sans Cosm
06 Light Burns
07 Cataract
08 Red Alibi
09 Rx Coup
10 Glasshouse
11 Echodyne Harmonic
12 Assemble the Empire

Wiretap Scars is the second album of Sparta if we counting their EP, best one in my opinion. You should definitely have it in your library.

Sparta - Porcelain

Album: Porcelain
Artist: Sparta

Download: LINK

01 Guns Of Memorial Park
02 Hiss The Villain
03 While Oceana Sleeps
04 La Cerca
05 Breaking The Broken
06 Lines In Sand
07 End Moraine
08 Death In The Family
09 Syncope
10 Tensioning
11 Travel By Bloodline
12 P.O.M.E.
13 From Now To Never
14 Splinters
15 Farewell Ruins (Bonus Track)

Probably i wouldn't upload this if not for the fact that this amazing album is so fucking hard to download.