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środa, 24 listopada 2010

Tigers Jaw, Self Titled

Album: Tigers Jaw
Artist: Tigers Jaw 

Download Mediafire : LINK

01 The Sun
02 Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine
03 I Saw Water
04 Chemicals
05 Beetwen Your Band And The Other B
06 Heat
07 I Was Never Your Boyfriend
08 Meals On Wheels 
09 Arms Across America
10 Never Saw It Coming 

My Favorite Citizen, 7" & Assorted

Album:7", Assorted
Artist: My Favorite Citizen

Download Mediafire : LINK

01 Perforated Heart
02 Trans-Hudson

01 Chess Kings
02 Kayna Learns To Dance
03 Ghost Town
04 Make Like A Tree

wtorek, 23 listopada 2010

Braid, Frame & Canvas

Album: Frame & Canvas
Artist: Braid 

Download Mediafire : LINK

01 The New Nathan Detroits
02 Killing A Camera 
03 Never Will Come For Us
04 First Day Back
05 Collect From Clark Kent
06 Milwaukee Sky Rocket
07 A Dozen Roses
08 Urbana's Too Dark
09 Consoltation Prizefighter
10 Ariel
11 Breathe In
12 I Keep A Diary

poniedziałek, 22 listopada 2010

Texas Is the Reason, Do You Know Who You Are?

Album: Do You Know Who You Are?
Artist: Texas Is the Reason

Download Mediafire : LINK

01 Johny On The Spot
02 The Magic Bullet Theory
03 Nickel Wound
04 There's No Way I Can Talk Myse
05 Something To Forget
06 Do You Know Who You Are?
07 Back And To The Left
08 The Day's Refrain
09 A Jack With One Eye

sobota, 13 listopada 2010

The Birds Are Spies, They Report To the Trees

Album: Single Series
Artist: The Birds Are Spies, They Report To the Trees

Download: LINK

01. Sack Of Hammers
02. Middle Management
03. Fixer-Upper
04. Mountain Time

piątek, 12 listopada 2010

Pop Unknown

Album: If Arsenic Fails Try Algebra
Artist: Pop Unknown

Download: LINK

1 Head In The Sand
2 Half Of Ninety
3 An Offering
4 Last To Know
5 Lonely Here With Me
6 Tattoo Your Image (On The World)
7 Fallen Star
8 Hanging On A Thread
9 Perfect In Venice
10 Oh Kay
11 Forward = Rewind


Album: This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now
Artist: Knapsack

Download: LINK

01. Katherine the Grateful
02. Change Is All the Rage
03. Shape of the Fear
04. Cold Enough to Breakxt
05. Skip the Details
06. Arrows to the Action
07. Cinema Stare
08. Hummingbirds
09. Balancing Act
10. Please Shut off the Lights